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Integrated financial management information systems (IFMIS) are systems to support management of public sector budgetary, financial, and accounting operations and promote better public financial management (PFM) with a centralized registry of public sector revenues and expenditures. The IFMIS integrate budgetary, accounting, treasury, and public debt management processes, as well as generate corresponding reporting documents, mainly the financial statements. No doubt financial management is critical to the success of any organization and its enhanced effectiveness permeate the entire organization. With a dynamic environment, improving the financial management system is a constant obsession of management. Integrated financial management system seeks to not only improve and automate the financial management functions but also to create an enabled financial innovation integrating all functions of an organization such as planning, budgeting and reporting. IFMIS may be embedded on a number of platforms including Oracle, EPICOR, Coda Financial, and free balance and even bespoke. As such appreciating the system potential is important. The course aims to equip managers with practical skills relevant to development, design, implementation and management of an integrated financial management information system on an Oracle business suite platform.

Indicative Content

    • 1. IFMIS: scope and benefits.
    • 2. IFMIS: challenges and opportunities.
    • 3. Public financial management (PFM) and governance.
    • 4. Change management.
    • 5. Aligning ICS to IFMIS.
    • 6. Project management (complex IT projects).
    • 7. Oracle Database administration.
    • 8. E - Security; Oracle business intelligence.
    • 9. Oracle budgeting (Hyperion).
    • 10. Oracle financial.
    • 11. IFMIS and reports.
    • 12. Building M&E plan for an IFMIS.
Rwf 70,800
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  • Appreciate the potential of IFMIS.

  • Implement the IFMIS embedded on an oracle suite.

  • Gain knowledge of the software.

  • Apply their financial management skills in an IFMIS set up.

  • Design, develop, maintain and administer the system.

  • Utilize the package (Oracle) suites for maximum benefit to the organization;

  • Coordinate planning, budgeting and accounting.

Rwf 70,800
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Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Duration 15 Days
  • Certificate Yes
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